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I am a freelance artist who provides a variety of services including character design and sculptures for film, TV , video games and historic reconstructions.I can provide a simple concept sketch of a character, a fully-rendered image or a 3D model which can then be integrated into a scene, game or image.

What I Offer


* Game Asset Creation/CG Characters
o Hi Res Sculpting,Low Res Modeling
o Texture Painting - Diffuse, Spec, Normal + Variations
o Animations for Characters/Objects

* Images and designs
o Photoshop, pencil sketches, 3D Renders
o Pre-visualization for CG

* Models for 3D Print
o Models for 3D Printing , Toy prototypes
o STL - format


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CHaracter Bust


- Softimage XSI 6 years
- Zbrush 4 years
- 3d Studio Max 6 years
- MAYA (Basic knowledge)
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects (Compositing)

- Cry Engine 2, A7 Engine
- Quake 3/ Doom 3 Engine, C4 Engine
- Torque Game Engine
- Unity

Die Deutschen 2

Client: Faber Courtial

Quadriga Reconstruction for the documentary "Die Deutschen II" was made using Softimage, Zbrush and Photoshop for texturing. The Quadriga model can be seen in the intro of the documentary.


Vienna Time Travel

For the VIENNA TIME TRAVEL RIDE I have created several static sculptures and character models for animation. The project was created by Faber Courtial

The models were created using Softimage, Zbrush for modelling and Photoshop for texturing.

The Animation won the animago AWARD in 2013 for best " Stereo3D 2012" here you will find more information.  


I created the model and texture for the roman soldier click on the picture above to see them in action.



Risen 2

In collaboration with PIXABLE STUDIOS I have created a big chunk of the items and weapons for the game "Risen 2" by Piranha Bytes which was released in 2011 for PC,PS3 and Xbox 360.

Alexander Der Grosse

For the "ALEXANDER DER GROSSE" exhibition the team at Faber Courtial created several animations and reconstructions. I was responsible for the reconstruction of about 40 statues of Chaltschajan and animal reliefs at Ishtar Gate and Procession Street of Babylon.

For modelling I used Softimage and Zbrush, texturing was done with Photoshop.



I' ve created the character models for the short "Grisella" based on the Novel by Heinrich M. Denneborg for PIXABLE STUDIOS.

For modelling I used Softimage and Zbrush.

Senckenberg Cambrian

For the Senckenberg Museum I created models and textures of ancient creatures from the cambrian period.

For modelling I used Softimage and Zbrush, texturing was done with Photoshop.

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Phone: +49 34954 663109

Steuernummer: 116/203/40423

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